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Patrons: Lucy Crowe, Fiona Maddocks, Katie Mitchell OBE, Christine Rice and Sarah Tynan

(data for graphic was collated by Donna Lennard. Please scroll down to * for more info)

Our projects

Making A Difference

SWAP'ra is dedicated to celebrating diversity in our industry.  We have a few special projects on the go, in addition to our gala, so here are some that are already in progress



Working with Companies

We want to be a voice for women and parents in opera by opening dialogues with companies and working for positive changes. We are already making an impact, with several companies pledging to trial a new model for weekly scheduling in advance. This will make a huge difference to families managing within this unusual industry. But there is still so much more to do.

Jessica Cottis


Get inspired

There are so many incredible women who are making waves within the opera industry - stage directors, conductors, designers, singers, technical specialists, repetiteurs, company management... the list goes on! We are planning to set up mentoring and seminars where artists can be inspired by these icons from our industry and realise that there is so much we can offer and achieve.

Anna Patalong


One Step at a Time

SWAP’ra aims to build a supportive community by sharing women’s stories and achievements online in the form of interviews, blogs and posts on social media. We will also be able to point you in the direction of further support if you have concerns or problems that are outside the reals of our function. One of our initial projects is to set up a bursary for artists who have had to take a break from their career to have children.



Creating Opportunities

We launched our performance projects with our SWAP'ra Gala on July 31st this year. Click the button below to view more about this amazing event. 
 We're planning to create more performance opportunities to showcase women and parents, both to increase the representation of women both on and back-stage, and to build up the profile of parents who may have had to take a break following children.  Please watch this space!


We need your help to raise funds to achieve our goals.  


We have many exciting future projects on the go - mentorships, performance platforms, bursaries, company collaborations, running costs.... the list goes on! 


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* Charts to show female representation across the UK opera industry. This data was kindly collated by Donna Lennard from the 2017-2018 season and includes English National Opera, Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera, Scottish Opera, Opera North, Glyndebourne, English Touring Opera, Garsington Opera, Grange Park Opera, Grange Festival, Opera Holland Park, Longborough Festival Opera, Wexford Festival Opera, Northern Ireland Opera, Mid-Wales Opera. If you wish to see further breakdown of this data please email info@swap-ra.org


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