SWAP’ra aims to build a supportive community by sharing women’s stories and achievements online in the form of interviews, blogs and posts on social media. Have a look at our News and Blog pages to read about the inspirational women and parents we are currently featuring.


Help where it's needed

One of our initial projects is to set up a bursary for singers who have had to take a break from their career to have children. There is a degree of stigma associated with the decision to have children in our career and we need to change this. We are also establishing the  'SWAP'ra Coaching Crèche', which will enable mothers of young children to have singing coaching in a venue with affordable childcare, saving them a huge amount and helping them on their career trajectory.  And in addition, we have established Facebook communities, including 'SWAP'ra Practice Buddies', where performers with young children can find others in their area to share childminding while they take turns to get some work done. 

Share your stories

Reaching Out

We want to hear your stories, whether you have advice or suggestions to share, challenges you've faced or companies you wish to applaud. All correspondence will remain confidential unless you give us permission to share your experiences. Positive stories help us celebrate the companies who have demonstrated particularly good working practices, so we'd love to be able to share them. If you have examples of where you feel you could have been provided with more support or care, please let us know so we can thoroughly consider what changes could be made and how it could happen.

Legal Support

Unfortunately at this time SWAP’ra is unable to investigate issues surrounding pay, harassment, and employment malpractice. If you are experiencing any of these issues we recommend that you contact your union representative.


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